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Here's my part of an art trade with *Nordeva :dummy: I managed to start it sooner than I expected, but I still hope this is worth the wait!

I am stealing this character okay? Okay. <3

She requested a picture of her lovely character Ahron, I just fell in love with him ;-; His design and accessories (I have a thing for goggles) are just gkltjugudhg.
So here we have him flying in...Some sort of ruins? When my mind is set on a background I just cannot make it choose something else, and thus I took the risk of drawing this thing which is my biggest challlenge so far: ARCHITECTURE.

And so I am done with the art trades (I will NOT accept more for now, so don't ask or note me about it cx ), so I'm planning to start Paypal commissions sometimes soon. I will only open a few slots as a warm up, and they MIGHT only be simple headshots with background, like the ones you can see in my ref sheets. But I will post a better journal about it when I decide to open them, and once my mind is set on the types of commissions and their prices. It could be before the end of August, we'll see!

I hope you like it! c:

Her AMAZING part: Help me this is too beautiful


Made with PS Elements 6.0
Time taken: 12-13 hours.

Ahron © *Nordeva
Art © Me.
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Nordeva Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I just stopped by this picture again to look at it and gosh all the details ugh
And the colours
And everything else
pyradragon Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
I like the change of background. Instead of a scenery you drew nice ruins.

I like the combined weather of a sunset and rain ahead. Great colours c:
LyricalLark Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist
Gorgeous. *-* That lighting is so beautiful and the feeling of motion as his hind legs kick off is great. You did good on the background too.
CheetaHamSloth Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Combak Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
... So how much do you like the main leaders from the Digimon show?
Mistybull Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it !
Rogue343 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Student General Artist
*dies from overexposure to someones drawing*
Shadow-Crystol Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
*tries to take picture of scenary* OVEREXPOSURE!!!!! so beutiful you can die *v*
Dragonmaster62835 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful! :)
Saphira1334 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Student General Artist
oh my god u just reminded me i was going to draw him thank you!
DragonZephyr Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013
That's such a beautiful dragon! 
I love the lighting in this.
Neozy Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013
Oh my... This is one of the first pictures I have seen of yours (I am now browsing through your gallery) and this is absolutely fantastic, beautiful what am I saying?! Words cannot describe the detail in this!
SolarPaintDragon Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist

I cannot even tell you
how much I love this-
I just- I can't
I can't do it- 
I can't find the words to describe this it's just too awesome-
Scale-the-Wyvern Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
Good God... :stare: I... I just have absolutely NO idea of what to say right now. The detail, the sky, the entire landscape is just fantastic
You have such an awesome talent in art. Why haven't you considered in making a booklet or something with your art inside? Because THAT'S how good you are!
As always, I look forward to seeing more beautiful artwork from you. :heart:
Nordeva Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You have a small feature with this piece in my profile ;)
It's a pitty that with the new dA update, everything looks misplaced when using Chrome -.-
SeaSaltShrimp Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww thank you! ;-;

Everything looks fine for me, then again I'm using Firefox xD Hopefully dA will fix that problem soon.
Nordeva Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
No probs and yeah let's hope so ^^;
owlity Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
With every deviation you submit, your backgrounds just keep getting better and better. Also, the lighting is very pretty, too!
Prince-Kanara Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
He's got that classic anime adveturer look. Ready for adventure!
Tavahka Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist
so cool!!!!!!!Extreme OMG 
DragonSpirit10 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
Very cool dragon with a very cool background 
WingDiamond Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:icondougmckenzieplz: ... To the Great White North!  Take Off, It'z a Beauty way ta go!
Dragon-of-Faith Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh my gosh, this is just GORGEOUS~! 
I seriously have to flail my arms a bit over some of your art, it just... just amazing. Every time I see a new deviation from you, its like getting a present on my birthday. XD I just love it so much. I mean, everything about this picture is amazing! the shading, the background, the colors, and I mean..its just like a fantasy.. 
I really cant tell you enough how amazing your art is. Its just always so inspiring. <3 
RuneWoof Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Wow I love the concept of the background with the cherry tree and the pillars ^^ Looks really great!!!
Loki-Ryuu Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That sky has a beautiful hue <4 I love purple skies *w*
Why is it you're so amazing at buildings :iconspazzattackplz:
ever think about drawing a huge city with buildings like ruins *w*
You are right though 8D That is an amazing character
Nordeva :icony-u-noplz: Y U CREATE SO AWESOME CHARACTERS
You've captured him beautifully though c:
*cough*I really need to learn how to do rain :iconwhutplz:
Beautiful scene Shrimpo <4
HelenDafneART Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh my Quetzal Coalt! How utterly amazing! Look to the design of this dragon! Very creative! You must have been a lot of fun drawing it! I love this effect blur of things that are closer to the camera, and the background gives a amazing sensation to the art, so subtle that I'm stunned! And another detail that I personally loved is the blurry that the rain made the wings while trickles, I love this type of light effect, congratulations Fourth Star, you are priceless!
Akalu Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is soo beautiful. <3 I just love everything in this, it's so perfect!
Featherfishes Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
amg that character is frecking beuatiful *w*

ahh this an amazing drawing 
DavidCurser Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
GlowingSpirit Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist


jk k
kateboat Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Dang, this is gorgeous! o.o
Mearow Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
OMG! SO AMAZING!! (As always -.-)

I'm so sorry fourth-star! I can't describe how beautiful this is! The same with any other of your pics.
Evoli-niceli Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Simplement magnifique <3
Deathtail-The-DraCon Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
this is just....BEAUTIFUL ;_; the everything i have no words asljfnaofv <3
ShoyzzFanArt Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
wow! this is amazing! :D :clap:
Wish I could sometime do an art trade with you ^^
Rogue-Numbers Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Great work on this one Shrimp, I need to comment as always in some piece I literally feel from the  chair.  Let's talk about it.

The great effect you have done for make me feel the great pleasure of art is upon this art right here, the expression of the chara alongside the pose are perfect. Ready for action or for start a journey is what I feel seeing this, one step for feel the day. The pose, as said earlier, is really impressive the choice you have made and as always you did the right thing. Now, rain is something not always is easy to manipulate. If we mix that with sunlight is even harder but a great explosion of power and art if you know how to use it correctly. The theme you have choosen is something beetwin courage, valiant and hope. The rest of the architecture tells me is something homogeneous but really well focused, you may think is bad or not good at all... I tell you is a great one already the skills you have with it. The shading... oh the shading. You have that classic touch with the light you manipulate in some magic way, it reminds me to the actual sunlight that hits my eyes every morning. The shadows are perfectly well settled and accord to the direction of the sunlight.  The tiny details as the raindrops or the particles of dust falling from the foot of Arhon gives that little push to someone like me to examine every last corner of the drawing, trying to find something more wonderful that the previous part. About the character himself, the eyes is something I always like to see with fascination and this time is quite simple but at the same time suits the situation and the original idea you got for it. I must applaud you  about the great effort you put to the scales of the dragon, as you know it's really difficult to draw and for some reason I think you payed much attention to it than usual. The perspective is used mostly to give a little fun to the piece, you used a simple one buy you (positively) overdid it and created a great mixture of camera and action. I can tell the little blossom trees were random, at least in my opinion. Let's interprete the piece, it's fun, hopefully, a bit of action and maybe even drama is present. All that reunited makes me decide you have chooses the basic fellings and the difficult ones in just a perfect harmony of thoughts.

Nothing more to say, great pleasure to analize this and as always I haven't seen any mistake. Maybe  some parts of the background lack of detail but that would be mean for me. Anyways! Great effort put and deserved fame.
SeaSaltShrimp Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:o Wow that's a really detailed comment, thank you so much for each and every word of it :heart:

That's a nice interpretation, the music I'm listening to at the moment usually inspires me for the picture I'm working on, wether it's intended or not xD And as these songs were a mix of  heroism, courage, action and a bit of drama, this is what the "theme"of the picture turned out to be cx
I do find the background a bit empty...I used a few random things to fill it (such as the trees indeed xD ), but architecture is still one of those things I need to work on a lot.

Well, thanks again! It's always a pleasure to get such detailed comments c:
Rogue-Numbers Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Pleasure it's mine, I'll write more critiques soon when you show us your talent again. Thanks for answering!
Nordeva Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This... I... I just... :iconlazycryrollplz:
No seriously, I freaking love this, everything looks so epic! ;A;

I love colours, composition and contrast overal, plus I see that the sky has the same colours as his fire, nice detail there!
The background is awesome, those clouds and rain effects, and the architecture too! ;D
Oh and of course, I better don't forget to mention the character... AHRON LOOKS SO EPIC *dies* :heart:
He looks so cool and badass and dynamic and argh TwT
Shading is amazing as always, including all details such as scales. Nice scarf btw ;p
I'm also so glad that you like his design! x3

Thank you very very much! It's been such an honour for me to do this trade with you! :dummy: <333
Oh gosh. I think I almost fainted of gorgeous...ness (?) x'D

SeaSaltShrimp Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hsdjkjkhk you're welcome :heart: I'm glad you like it! It was really fun trading with you ;-; This little guy was such a blast to draw cx Thanks a ton! :glomp:
Nordeva Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Sure I like it, I would be crazy if I didn't x')
No problem and thank you too again :meow:
I'd definitely commission you if you open Paypal commishes in the future. I want to see this guy in your style so badly… <3
SeaSaltShrimp Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
<3 :iconbrohugplz:

AGDHDH THOSE EYES, THIS GUY IS SUCH A CUTIE. It'll be a pleasure to draw him one day! :la:
Nordeva Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Nyphr Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This. Is. Beautiful. Just... *explodes*
Draco56 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013   Writer

Detieu c'est trop mag-nifique! *q*

La pose, les détails, l'ombre et la lumières, les couleurs!

Un seul mot: DFRSKHLF! @_@

16Shards Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
SO PRETTTYYY!!!! :D I just love the pose and the lighting and the sky and just everything akldjsklajlk!!!la in love
And quiet you, your amazing at architecture! :D
Krovash Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The coloring is very nice here, it's very warm and eye-pleasing. The background is something reminding me of prince of persia, it's that type of ruined architecture that begs for an acrobatic character. One thing i think is off is looks like the character is walking rather than about to fall into flying state. Overall this is a very nice artwork with appealing coloring and interesting setting, i remember seeing something similar to this from you half a year ago i think :D
Draconet Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Like the detail on the architecture and on the draggie, specialy on the draggie :3
ZeberkaPL Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
Rain <3
LightyNya Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student
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